Get rid of Windows 10.

So lets face it. Not all of us are proponents of change. As a matter of fact many of us are repulsed by the idea. For some of us Windows 10 is awesome, but not all of us have the same opinion. So what do we do if we made the bold move to upgrade our computers to windows 10 and we hate it? Here are some real simple steps to get rid of windows 10

The first step is to click on your start menu and choose settings.

Windows 10 start menu

After you have chosen settings. You can then click on Update and Security.

Windows 10 settings

Then Choose Recovery and under where it says to go back to either windows 7 or windows 8. Click Get started.

Uninstall Windows 10


It’s as simple as that. At least it is for most. The downgrade typically is only available for 30 days. I have successfully found some computers are able to be downgraded after that time period so its always worth a shot.

If you are successful in uninstalling Windows 10 you will want to read up on how to stop it from upgrading again. Read my Article below for the next part of the procedure.

Stop bothering me to update to windows 10!!!!