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Business Services

Proactive Network Administration
In this business, by the time you realize you're in trouble, it's too late to save yourself.

"Unless you're running scared all the time, you're gone." –Bill Gates

Let’s face it, Computers are our livelihood. Without our computer systems and networking equipment working, we are not bringing in revenue. By the time we realize something is wrong, we are already losing money. This is why Computer Medic focuses so much on proactive management. We like to keep our customers systems running, so they can focus on their own customer’s satisfaction.
Need a Website Built and Maintained?
Today a website says everything about your business.
Customers are relying more and more on the web to find reliable companies such as yours to purchase products and services from. Having a quality website not only helps you to find new customers, but is a direct representation of what your business stands for. Don’t let the quality of your website fall short of the quality of your customer service. Click here to preview some of our designs
Telecommunication Auditing and Installations
Keeping connected with the outside world is expensive. Between your Internet, Phone lines, fax lines, credit card machines and television, it adds up. This is why we have partnered with a number of telecommunication companies to help lower your cost and provide extra features you need as your business grows.
We can build your ideal communication solution for you.

Our Partners:

Servicing of your Desktops and Servers
Our remote support solution allows us to assist you on the fly.
We know you want your problem fixed ASAP.
Most of our support can be resolved without having to wait for a technician to be scheduled to visit your office. Some hard ware issues need to be resolved on site in which we are more than happy to visit your location.

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Residential Services

Is your computer not behaving?
Computer Medic is here to help.
Whether you need your Desktop or Laptop to be repaired or just some Computer Consulting advice, we offer a wide array of services.
Got a bad virus?
No problem for us.
Let our team of Computer Medics cure your problem.
We have just the right tools to make sure your computer is not compromised by malicious malware
Need a Printer or Tower installed?
Installations are our specialty.
We not only will make sure everything is hooked up properly, but will configure your software, install antivirus, setup your POP3 email settings, schedule backups of your hard drive and make sure your system will continue to work smoothly and efficiently.
Need some Training?
We can help you feel more comfortable and in command of your computer.
Join Remote Session
Take control of your PC.